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Sakura Sky Garden Opens

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Sakura Sky Garden Opens

BEPPU, Oita – Funded by generous gifts from APU alumni, the Sakura Sky Garden opened at a ceremony on April 2. The park is a rest and relaxation spot to be enjoyed by all who visit the APU campus. The APU Alumni Association collected ideas and inspiration from APU graduates to create the park’s design.

The small park is located next to the university’s main entry gate, across from Building A and the campus bus stop. Cherry trees are planted alongside benches and a commemorative plaque with a poem written by Korenaga Shun, the third president of APU.

At the opening ceremony, student group Wadaiko performed with taiko drums and bamboo flutes. After the ceremony, APU students and Beppu children seeded the park with sunflowers and cosmos flowers.

The Sakura Sky Garden is one part of new initiatives to improve the APU campus environment, accessibility, and sustainability.

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