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I chose to study in Japan not just for the sake of mastering the Japanese language, but also to experience Japan and its culture – not as a mere tourist, but as someone who could become a part of Japanese society through living, studying, and working here. Once I graduate, I aspire to enroll in a master’s program that complements my academic background in international business administration and German business law. Ultimately, I aim to serve as a bridge or connecting link between Japanese and German companies (and on a broader scale, the Asia Pacific and Europe), facilitating business relationships and contributing to international projects.
To achieve this, I am dedicated to mastering Japanese and focusing on my studies at APU to improve my proficiency in Finance, Accounting, and other business-related subjects. Learning Japanese has proven to be the greatest challenge yet. Despite the occasional dips in motivation or moments when it seems impossible to ever become fluent, I am determined to achieve this goal. After all, I believe that language conveys a significant proportion of culture which can only be accessed through the respective language.
After over a year at APU, I have overcome numerous challenges that come with living in a foreign country, and with the various opportunities presented here at APU, I grew a lot more than I would have ever imagined. A year ago, I would have never anticipated that I would be taking Japanese-basis classes in Micro- and Macroeconomics during my third semester or working a part-time job two times a week. Before I came to APU, I never knew I would enjoy Financial Accounting to the extent I do now, or that my leadership skills might not be as hopeless after all. Moreover, exploring the diverse cultures at APU and meeting people from all corners of the world has expanded my worldview tremendously. Being at APU is an extraordinary experience and inspires me to deepen my understanding of the world, its cultures, and its people.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the donors for their generosity and continuous support of APU students. The APU Global Leader Scholarship Fund has enabled me to come to Japan in spite of many adversities and following my dream of experiencing life in Japan. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful and fortunate I feel for this opportunity.

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