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Yusuke Hara

(APU Alum/Japan)

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Yusuke Hara
〇How has your university life and/or personal life been impacted by receiving a scholarship?
Receiving the scholarship helped make my future steps clearer and focus more on learning outcomes. . Also, I became more aware of the importance of improving the learning environment on campus, and which motivated me to commit myself as a Library Assistant until my graduation.
〇What are you doing at your current organization or university? (Please introduce yourself.)
I'm working in the Uganda Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees where I am heading up a project to strengthen the government's refugee status determination (RSD) system. Currently, Uganda has hosted more than 1.3 million refugees, and I am engaged in a wide range of work from counseling asylum-seekers and refugees to planning policy and advocacy activities for strengthening fair and efficient RSD procedure and decision-making.
〇How did your studies at APU help you grow?
My studies at APU without doubt taught me to see things with a global perspective. I was also given a lot of opportunities to think about questions, for instance, how I could be proactive and solution-oriented or what kind of approach I should take in addressing the global issues in which I was interested Such learning experiences certainly influenced the steps I have taken in my career. Furthermore, I realized that language proficiency was not only about how good you were speaking English or French as a "tool" but also telling who you were. Shaping a shared language and vision with stakeholders is my communication style, which has been built out of my campus life with people from diverse cultures and background.
〇Share what you liked about APU and being a student there and why.
APU showed me that there are still so many things on the globe to discover! During everyday campus life I was able to connect withpeople with different walks of life and their stories around the world. These encounters inspired my curiosity.
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