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Wu Michael (APU Alum)

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Wu Michael (APU Alum)

From the day I first stepped on the grounds of APU I sensed something different. A diverse culture unlike any other campus in Japan, and all infused in this cauldron we call home for 4 years. It was an unbelievable experience for me especially in my true understanding of cultural diversity.

As one of the founding members the Global Business Leaders circle (GBL) In APU, I’ve maintained a close tie with the university and its students as an advisor to the organization and have been a regular sponsor in events such as the Global Business Case Challenge (GBCC) and other student led charity events. Having this close tie to the students has led me to truely believe that our campus encompass some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. It is just a matter of getting shown the right direction and the right fostering.

For this reason in the Fall of 2019 an office will be established in Beppu to collaborate between selected Alumni’s, GBL Organization and the students of APU to provide a space to assist new ventures in Beppu.

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