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Kazuki Tanaka (APU Alum)

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Kazuki Tanaka (APU Alum)

Many APU alumni, myself included, want to give something back to APU in one form or another. The university made us who we are today. I am happy that I am able to contribute to the university through my gift. I am grateful to President Deguchi and everyone in the Office of Institutional Advancement for creating this donation platform.

At APU, there is a culture that enables students to challenge themselves, and the students are dynamic, intelligent, and unique. You can learn about essential business skills, cultural studies, and also can access variable academic disciplines. With all this on one campus, APU provides a truly rewarding environment for its students. If you don’t have a clear idea about what you want to achieve, however, you can end up spending your time here aimlessly without ever realizing the value of the APU campus.

Under the strong leadership of Deguchi san, the APU Startup Program encourages students to take the lead in dreaming up business plans and turning them into reality. As they go about doing this, I think they will reaffirm just how wonderful the campus is, just like I did. When you know deep down that there is something you really want to do, you come to realize that the day-to-day conversations you have with your friends on campus and the words you read in your textbooks are the pieces you need to bring your ideas to life. You learn first-hand how many people around you are supporting you, and you come to see the bigger picture. You also see your weaknesses and blind spots more clearly.

These kinds of experiences prepare you for the real world. They will help you reflect on the value that many companies and organizations offer to the public and how they are trying to make the world a better place, not to mention what you yourself can and want to do for the world.

In true APU fashion, I hope you will dream big and get as many people as possible on board with your idea as you strive to make it a reality. I am rooting for you!

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