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Ichiro Itani (Parent and Family of an APU Student)

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Ichiro Itani (Parent and Family of an APU Student)
○ The Meaning Behind the Message in My Nameplate Donation
For my nameplate donation, I chose the simple message of “pay it forward.”

Students learn tolerance during the four years they study at APU. Specifically, they learn how to coexist with and accept those people of nationalities, races, religions, cultures, and values different from their own. This is an amazing feature of the university, and something you won’t find anywhere else.

For my son and all of the other students at APU, being able to learn in this special environment is an invaluable asset. This is due not only to the hard work of the students themselves, but also because of the support of their families, teachers, friends, and the many alumni who came before them in the university’s 20-year history. The network of APU alumni continues to expand across the globe; students who studied at APU are putting what they learned into practice the world over, continually extending this network. The benefits you have reaped from APU are something you can pass on to younger students and other people wherever you go in the world. This, I believe, is the APU ecosystem, and it is a global ecosystem. This is the idea of “pay it forward” that I hope APU will continue to spread.

I am making this small donation because APU provided my son with his education, and I hope my contribution will be used to help someone in the next generation of the APU family.
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