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OKADA Yoshinobu(APU Alum)

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OKADA Yoshinobu(APU Alum)
○ What led you to give to APU?

My name is OKADA Yoshinobu, a 2006 graduate of APU.
After graduation, I went to work for company, and I have been serving as a board member of the APU Alumni Association for about 10 years.
I was a member of the third graduating class of APU, and when I was a student, I put what I learned in class into practice in the local community on several occasions based on a strong desire to advance the university together with the faculty and staff of APU.
As the Opening Declaration states, APU’s noble vision is to produce human resources who can contribute to creating the future of the Asia Pacific and to create a new academic discipline in accordance with the basic ideals of ‘Freedom, Peace and Humanity,’ ‘International Mutual Understanding,’ and ‘The Future Shape of the Asia Pacific.’
As the university approaches its 20th anniversary, I believe it is the responsibility of alumni to pursue their own success, network with other alumni to create new initiatives, and contribute to current students and the university.
The Alumni Association decided to launch the Support Change Makers scholarship fund as its own initiative, so I decided to make this donation because I agree with the principles of this new fund, and I want to help students become agents for change who can transform the world.

○ Do you have anything you would like to say to the students of APU?

I would like all APU students to take full advantage of the university’s multicultural environment and try new things.
Living your life means pursuing the things you enjoy and developing your strengths.
Because there are students from 90 countries and regions at APU, you can experience the wider world first hand, and I believe you will be able to make the world a better place.

Just remember that the 20,000-strong body of APU alumni is rooting for you.
We can do it! We are APU!

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