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▼ Supported project
○ What led you to give to APU?

I went to APU because I wanted a brighter future for myself. At APU, I was given the opportunity to expand my potential by interacting with classmates of many different nationalities. I made this donation because I decided while I was still enrolled that someday I would like to give something back to my alma mater.

○ Do you have anything you would like to say to the students of APU?

Since my time at APU, I have always placed importance on enjoying each and every day.
Also, if an idea comes to me, I get my friends involved and try to make it a reality.
Even if you fail, you can learn things, and I have always felt that this accumulation of knowledge is what would form the basis of bigger successes in the future. This is why I was able to try new things without fear of failure.
By experiencing both success and failure, I was able to lead a fulfilling life at APU.
I hope everyone will also experience many things and strive to lead fulfilling student lives.

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