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Seiji Yoshida (APU Parent/Guardian)

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Seiji Yoshida (APU Parent/Guardian)
Q. Thank you for your annual contribution to APU. Can you tell us why you decided to give to the university?
A. Since APU opened in 2000, I have found its international atmosphere and its ideal of producing non-conventional students intriguing. In 2004, my daughter decided to go to APU, and while she was there, she had a rewarding time not only in her studies, but in her extracurricular activities, and interactions with her friends. I have been giving to the university since that time. Not long after that, my son also went to APU, and to this day, he continues to maintain strong ties with the friends he made at university. Having had the opportunity to watch my children grow by studying at APU, I expect APU will continue to be a university that can contribute to creating the future of the world.
Q. What impressions did you have when you visited the campus?
A. My wife and I have been to the APU campus many times. (Laughs) The food in the cafeteria is delicious! The campus is on top of a mountain, but its abundance of greenery makes it a great place for students who come together from all over the world to learn.
Q. Do you have anything you would like to say to the students of APU?
A. I don’t have anything profound to say; just remember to spend your time at university with purpose. Because you are young, I hope you will not hesitate to take action and try your hand at many things. I also hope APU will continue to actively supporting these kinds of young people. Many students from China, Korea, ASEAN, and other Asian countries study at APU. I hope these international students will take the time to gain a good understanding of Japan and all its good points and to create friendly ties with each other with an eye on the future, without being swayed by the political relationships between their countries.
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