Inter-campus loan

Requesting materials owned by Ritsumeikan University

Requesting materials owned by Ritsumeikan University

Materials from the Ritsumeikan University Libraries can be requested at APU.
 Requested items may be picked up between 3 to 5 working days after the request has been made from the APU library counter. (Library Open days).
 If you have any questions, please ask at the library counter.

※Information about Ritsumeikan University library is click here.

Type of material Requesting Originals Inter-campus Photocopy Service How to request
Library Book (for Loan) × RUNNERS
Library (for use in the library) × Reference Counter
Library (not available for Loan from other libraries) × Reference Counter
Periodicals (Unbound) × Reference Counter
Periodicals (Bound) Reference Counter

※APU members cannot request items shelved in the "DOKUGAKU(Light Reading) Corner" and the "Career materials Corner" at Ritsumeikan University libraries.
※Original current issues of unbound periodicals held by Ritsumeikan University cannot be requested. Please use the photocopy request system instead. The pages you request will be photocopied and sent to the APU library counter. The charge is 20 yen per copy. Application form is click here.

Prices per photocopy page Black and White 20 yen
Color 60 yen

Please inquire at the Reference Counter for requesting materials owned by research institutions of Ritsumeikan University such as Shugakukan.