Borrowing and Returning Books


When borrowing materials, APU students and staff must present with their APU ID and the book or document they would like to take out. External members should show their Library Card as well as the book or document they would like to borrow.
Reference material from the Reserve Corner cannot be taken outside the library. These documents will have a sticker “Reserved” on it.

The number of materials which may be taken out and the loan period according to borrower is as follows.

Number of materials Period of Loan Renewal allowance
Undergraduate students 15 14 Days Twice
Graduate students 50 30 Days Twice
Faculty Members 70 60 Days Twice
Part-time lecturers 10 30 Days Twice
Staff members 10 30 Days Twice
Retired faculty and staff members 10 30 Days None
Alumni 3 14 Days None
External members 3 14 Days None
  • Loan days are counted from the day after the material is taken out.
  • If the return date falls on a holiday, the return date will be the next day that the library is open.
  • Newspapers, periodicals, white papers, statistics, and reference books or materials cannot be taken out.
  • All books from the APU Alumni Association Support Collection can be borrowed for 14 days.
  • The loan period will be extended during long vacations. Click here for the details.

Returning and overdue fees

Please return materials to the Service counter. To support the learning and research activities of everyone, the library’s limited resources must be used efficiently (joint ownership of academic information). Please return your materials before or on the due date. For overdue items you will be charged 50 yen per day per item. You will not be able to borrow anything from the library until your overdue fees are paid.
If for some reason, such as sickness, a book/item cannot be returned on time and a fee is charged, an official note, for example from the doctor, stating the dates and reason, will be necessary if applying for an exemption.

  • Note: Never return borrowed materials to the shelf directly without returning them to the Service Counter. If not the items will not be processed in the system and be considered "overdue".
  • Borrowed items must be returned to the Service Counter by the person who took it out. Returns by another person can cause problems and as a rule, the library will not accept returns made by somebody else.