Reservation and Recall


Items out on loan may be reserved for you.
Go to RUNNERS OPACand click on “Reserve” on the search results page.

Reservations will expire in 1 month. However, if were not able to borrow the book in 1 month, you can renew your reservation through MyLibrary.


The recall system allows users to borrow materials which are currently under loan to other users for more than 1 month, for up to 14 days. If you would like to recall an item, please ask at the Reference Counter.

  • Undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members are able to request up to 5 items to recall.
  • As a general rule, applications for recalls cannot be made during the spring and summer vacation period.
  • Some research materials cannot be recalled.
  • An item which has been recalled once cannot be recalled again for a month after it is returned to the original borrower.

If you receive a recall notice

You will be notified by email if there has been a recall on an item you are borrowing. Please bring the book to the counter within 5 days of receiving the notice. Please inform the counter of whether you would like to have the book returned to you after it has been used.
We ask for your cooperation regarding the following:

  • Your due date will be shortened when you receive the recall notice.
  • When the return date has been exceeded, it will be considered overdue, and you will not be able to borrow an item.
  • We will email you once the material can be borrowed again. Please come to the Counter to collect the material. Recalled materials can be borrowed again after 3 weeks.