Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 4, December 1999 *Volume 3, May 1999

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 4, December 1999

Author Title
Ikujiro NONAKA Patrick REINMOELLER Knowledge Creating Regions: Towards a New Role Of Place in the Global Knowledge Economy
CHEN Yu Hsi The Myth of Foreseeing Asia`s Economic Crisis
Damon L. DRUMMOND, C. S. TSENG and Jenny S. Y. Lee Human Resource Management Reviewing Japanese and Chinese Joint Venture Retail Department Stores in Southern China(PDF)
Masaharu KUHARA Unique Features of Bank Management in Japan
Ainun NA'IM Analysis of Social and Economic Environment of Financial Reporting and Disclosures in Indonesia
Mariner WANG The Rise of Asia and Its Way towards the 21st Century(PDF)
Randy WILLOUGHBY Tales from Taapuna: Strategy and Politics in French Polynesia after Nuclear Testing
YU Yang The Current Situation and Future Trends of Economic Development in Dalian
Kay Wah CHAN Product Safety Law in Hong Kong - Current Situation and Issues

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 3, May 1999

Author Title
George A. SIORIS The Importance of Cultural Dimension in Issues of the Asia-Pacific
Ikuro ANZAI Museums for Peace in Japan and Other Asian Countries(PDF)
Misuzu Hanihara CHOW Transformation from 'White Australia' to Multicultural Australia: Asia as a Key Factor
David W. EDGINGTON Review of the City of Vancouver City Plan Process
Thomas A. HUTTON Service Industries, Economic Restructuring and the Spatial Reconfiguration of Asia-Pacific City-Regions
Michael LEAF Redevelopment before Development: Social and Spatial Change in the Inner Cities of Asia
Hak-Yong RHEE Financial Crisis and Restructuring in Korea
Yves-Louis SAGE Can Foreigners Invest Freely in French Polynesia? Consequences of the French Constitutional Council Decision
Kazuichi SAKAMOTO Restructuring Japanese Universities: The Experience of Ritsumeikan University(PDF)
Ken SCHOOLLAND Free Market Solution to World Crises
Dipendra SINHA Estimation of Trade Elasticities for Four ASEAN Countries

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