Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 11, March 2003 *Volume 10, December 2002 *Volume 9, September 2002

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 11, March 2003

Speaker Speech
David ASKEW The Birth of Kanematsu Shoten: Kanematsu Fusajiro and Early Australia-Japan Relations, 1845-1890
Pam OLIVER Espionage and Paranoia:Assessing Australian Responses to 'Japanese Activities' 1870-1947
Yuriko NAGATA Gendering Australia-Japan Relation:Prostitutes and the Japanese Diaspora in Australia
Keiko TAMURA Meeting, Committing, and Adapting:Japanese War Brides and Experience of Migration
Michael ACKLAND More than 'a henna gaijin': The Shaping of Harold Stewart's Affinity with Japan 
Chris CONEY Hal Porter's Japans
Robin GERSTER Oh! Japan! Coming to Grips with the Bogeyman 

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 10, December 2002

Regional Economic Development and Integration in East Asia

Author Title
CHEN Yu-hsi A New Paradigm Shift in East Asian Economic Studies
Mariner WANG The Status of East Asian Hub Ports in Global Logistics(PDF)

Free Trade, Economic Cooperation and the Network of Free Zones in the Yellow Sea Region

Author Title
Takehiko KONDO The Idea of a Japan-Korea Free Trade Agreement and Some Related Matters
Won Bae Kim The Localized Network of Free Zones in the Yellow Sea Sub-Region: A Catalyst for Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Inkyo CHEONG Trade Facilitation Effects of a Joint Network of  Free Zones in the Yellow Sea Region
Yue CHEN and Yuling RAO The Possibilities and the Economic Effects of Setting Up a Network of Free Trade Zones in the Yellow Sea Region
Naoto TAKAKI Japanese-Style Free-Zones: A Focus on the Kitakyushu FAZ and Okinawa FAZ

Globalization, Tradition and Small Businesses in Japan

Author Title
Carla EADES, Yuriko NISHIYAMA and Hiroko YANASE Tradition and Recession: Strategies for Coping with Economic Change in a Japanese Craft Industry

Researching Human Rights in the Asia Pacific

Author Title
David ASKEW and Paul CLOSE Minding your Ps: A Theoretical Framework for Researching the International Political Economy of Human Rights
Paul CLOSE Researching Asia Pacific Regionalization and Human Rights

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies   *Volume 9, September 2002

Speaker Speech
Maurice F. STRONG Prospects for Global Environmental Security
XU Xin Coercion against Foregone Losses: Beijing's Strategy During the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis
Hsin-Huang Micheal HSIAO and Hwa-Jen LI Local Practice of Violence in Environmental Protest in Taiwan since the 1980s
DANG Nguyen Anh Internal Migration Policy: Comparative Perspectives in East and Southeast Asia
Gordon GAMLIN Trans-Pacific Multicultural Historiography: Sri Lankan Diaspora as Family History in Michael Ondaatje's Running in the Family
C. W. WATSON Concepts of Chinese Identity in the Diaspora: Some Recent Examples from Women Writers
David ASKEW Nanking 1937-38: The Evidence from the Diary of John Rabe

International Symposium: Research and Education through Information
Technology: New Direction for the 21st Century

Speaker Speech
Gordon GAMLIN Introduction
Kaoru HAYASHI Possibilities and Challenges of Knowledge Networks in Development: The Global Development Network
Toshifumi NAGAMATSU Conceptualizing E-Learning
Chisako UMEDA and Takako UNETANI Distance Education in Japanese(PDF)
Richard BERWICK Linking Distance Education Technologies and the Global Issues Syllabus: Transitions to Second Language Learning for the 21st Century
Gordon GAMLIN Media English at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University: A Case Report on Teaching and Research through WebCT
Tomoaki HARA Building a Learning Community on the Web: Two Cases of Distance Education Projects Based on WWW Technology

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