Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 12, October 2003

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 12, October 2003

Author Title
David ASKEW Osugi Sakae's Theory of "Social Individualism"
XU Xin The Use and Abuse of "Essentialist" Formulations in East-West and Sino-American Relations
Ron CARLE The Development and Social Impact of Heritage Tourism in Ogimachi
Malcolm COOPER and Patricia ERFURT Lake Management under Conditions of Heavy Tourist Pressure: The Case of Fraser Island(PDF)
Anthony S. RAUSCH Place Process and Product: A Research Framework for Assessing Territorially-Signified Cultural Commodities in Local Development
Paul CLOSE Citizenship and the Consumption of Social Space: Gendered experiences in Britain and Japan
FUKUI Hayao Migration and the Variability of Rice Production in a Northeast Thai Village(PDF)
YAMAGAMI Susumu Prospects for the Role and Fuction of APEC(PDF)
A. MANI Management of Uncertainties in an Autocratic State(PDF)
Peter Wynn KIRBY Storm, Stress, and Risk: Precarious Lives in the Megalopolis
Anthony C. CRIPPS The Multicultiral Mosaic: Lecturers' Views of Multicultural Classes
Nancy LEE The Need for an International Universal Curriculum(PDF)

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