Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 14, July 2004 *Volume 13, June 2004

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies   *Volume 14, July 2004

Japanese Civilization in Comparative Perspective

Author Title
SAKAMOTO Kazuichi Transitions at the Leading Edge of Civilization, and the Fusion of  Asian and  Western Civilizations in the Asia Pacific(PDF)
Barnaby BREADEN Japanesia and the South: A Case Study in the Writing of National Cultural Space
YAMAURA Yuzo A Commentary on the Concept of Utsushi in Japanese Art and Literature and the International Transfer of Management Concepts: The Case of Toyota Motor Corporation

Asia Pacific Migration

Author Title
J. S. EADES Dynamics of Migration; Past, Present, and Future Movements of Peoples in the Asia Pacific(PDF)
Jane DIZON Associations and Social Networks: Filipina Migrants in Sendai
KO Yiu Chung Singapore's "Foreign Talent" Policy: Development and Implementation

Nation-Building in the Asia Pacific Region

Author Title
Viliami Uasike LATU Culture and National Politics in the Kingdom of Tonga
Jeffery Wama GEPUL Economic Development and Nation Building in the South Pacific: In Search of a New Paradigm

Regionalism in the Asia Pacific

Author Title
Victor Chi Ming CHAN Domestic Determinants of Sino-Japanese Relationships in the Context of ASEAN Plus Three
Thomas S. WILKINS Coalition Formation and Management in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Case of an American-Japanese-Australian Combination

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 13, June 2004

Special Issue:
Nanjing, 1937-38

Author Title
David ASKEW Recent Research on the Nanjing Incident: Schools and Sources
KANEMARU Yuichi Distorting History, Constructing Histories: The Post-War Debate on the Fate of Chinese Texts in Occupied Nanjing
KITAMURA Minoru Timperley, the GMD Propaganda Ministry, and the Post-war Military Tribunals: Government Propaganda in the Construction of History
David ASKEW The Scale of Japanese Atrocities in Nanjing: An Examination of the Burial Records

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