Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 20, March 2006 *Volume 19, December 2005 *Volume 18, October 2005

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 20, March 2006

Author Title
David ASKEW From Conquest and Assimilation to Acceptance and Multiculturalism? Legal Imperialism and the Ainu
Roxana SHINTANI The Nikkei Community in Peru since 1945
Dae-Sung KWON The Refugee Experience of North Korean Forced Migrants in South Korea
Jane Garcia DIZON Revisiting the OPA Phenomenon: What next for Filipino Migrant Workers to Japan?
Christopher Changwe NSHIMBI Threatened with Marginalization: Is Regionalization the Appropriate Strategic Response to Globalization?
Patricia ERFURT The Onsen Park Concept
YAMAURA Yuzo Judeo-Christian Religious Traditions and Modern Corporate Management
SUZUKI Yasushi Realities of Japanese Corporate Web IR Practices(PDF)

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 19, December 2005

Author Title
XU Xin Harmonization of NTS Securitization in U.S.- China Security Cooperation
ZHANG Kunmin, PENG Liying Introduction to Sustainable Development and Measurement of its Progress
YAMAURA Yuzo Paradigms of the Asia Pacific and the Philosophy of Nicolaus Cusanus
Ran Ying PORTER Education in Manzhouguo 1932-1945
Indra Pradana SINGAWINATA The Relationship of Konglomerat  groups and Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia: Enemies or Partners?
Anna DOBROVOLSKAIA Towards the Establishment of a Quasi-Jury (Saiban'in) System in Japan
NGUYEN Thi Thu Hien Cultural Tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam with a case study of Marketing Issues

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 18, October 2005 

Migration, History, and Identity in the Asia Pacific

Author Title
Pam OLIVER Navigating "White Australia": Challenges to the Status and Identity of J. & T. Muramatsu, Pearlers and General Merchants, 1888-1967
Viliami LATU International Migration and Social Change in Tonga from Cultural and Historical Perspectives
Bahadir PEHLIVANTURK The "Small World" That Migration Has Created: Overseas Chinese and the Underlying Power of "Connections"(PDF)
WANG Xiuli National Unity and the Problem of Drugs in Myanmar: A Case Study of Kokang

Labor Markets and Migrants in Southeast Asia

Roxana SHINTANI The Japanese Migration to Peru:  Historical Implications for Peruvian Nikkei Community

Browsing at Nikkeinet.org:"Digital" Conversations in the Lives of Latin American Residents in Japan

Ignacio ARISTIMUNO Current Urban Heritage Conservation in Latin America: Towards Synergy in the Rehabilitation of Historical Quarters

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