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List of Off-campus Study Programs

The off-campus study programs at APU give students the opportunity to stretch their horizons as they engage with the world beyond campus. The wide variety of programs offered enable students to utilize co-learning, research, and analysis in areas and regions both near and far.

For students who want to experience even more than the already rich opportunities available on APU's multicultural campus, off-campus study programs offer diverse opportunities all over the world for students to learn and grow.

The diversity of programs available enable students to find a program that matches their individual interests and goals. When participants return, APU gives them the ability to contribute what they have learned, deepening their own learning while enriching the APU environment for their fellow students.

By enabling students to venture into the wider world and study together with people from other cultures and ways of life, these off-campus study programs support and realize APU's founding vision of freedom, peace, and humanity, mutual international understanding, and the future shape of the Asia Pacific region.

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Category Period Duration Program Host Institution Country/Area Languages
Intercultural Early March
2 weeks ACCESS St. Edward's University USA Japanese/English
Spring 4 - 5 days FIRST (for Domestic Students) Korea, Taiwan Japanese
Fall 4 - 5 days FIRST (for International Students) Kyushu English
Spring 2 weeks SECOND Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos Japanese/English
Spring 2 months Global Communication Program(GCP) St. Edward's University USA English
Language Summer 5 weeks AP Language Immersion Program Dongbei University of Finance and Economics China Chinese
Winter 5 weeks Korea University Korea Korean
Summer 3 weeks Busan University of Foreign Studies Korea Korean
Summer 5 weeks Chiang Mai University Thailand Thai
Summer 5 weeks Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam Vietnamese
Summer 5 weeks LIA Institute of Foreign Languages Indonesia Indonesian
Winter 5 weeks National Autonomous University of Mexico Mexico Spanish
Summer 3 - 4 weeks EXCEED Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Singapore English
August - November 3 months Service Learning Program The University of Texas at Austin USA Pre/Post Program Classes:Japanese/English
Onsite Program:English
Career Summer 3 - 4 weeks SEND Secondary School in Thailand Thailand Pre/Post Program Classes:Japanese
Onsite Program:Japanese/English
Winter 3 - 4 weeks University in Vietnam Vietnam Pre/Post Program Classes:Japanese
Onsite Program:Japanese/English
- a few days - 8 weeks Internship Japan, Southeast Asia, etc. Japanese/English/3rd language
Major Study Spring・Fall 1 - 30 days Field Study / Field Research Project Japan Japanese/English
Summer・Winter 1 - 3 weeks
Thailand, the Philippines, Italy, India, Japan, etc. Japanese/English
Summer 1 weeks APU Global Research Program (AGR)
Sweden, Vietnam, Korea etc. Japanese
Student Exchange

Overseas Student Exchange Program

Domestic Exchange Program

Dual Degree
2 years Double degree programs St. Edward's University USA

2 years Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Austria

2 years NEOMA Business School France

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