Oct 5, 2012

Center Director Nakata Lectures on the Sharp Crisis at Kansai Productivity Center

Invited by the Kansai Productivity Center to give a lecture on the timely theme, “Why did Japan lose the flat-screen TV war?”, Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC) Director Yukihiko Nakata gave a lecture at the Kansai Productivity Center on Friday afternoon, October 5th, 2012, regarding the current crisis situation involving Sharp. The audience consisted of thirteen middle managers from companies mainly in the Kansai region who are currently students in a Technology and Innovation Management Course.
As background to this issue, in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012, Sharp, Sony, and Panasonic posted record high deficits of 380 billion yen, 520 billion yen, and 7,800 billion yen, respectively. One of the causes of these record deficits was sluggish sales in the flat-panel TV business. For this reason, Sharp partnered in March of this year with the world’s largest EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) company, Taiwan’s Hon Hai.
However, Sharp announced in August of this year that it is expected to post about a 250 billion yen deficit in fiscal year 2012.
Why did Japan lose the flat-screen TV war? Understanding the cause of the defeat is important in order to increase the competitiveness of Japan. For this reason, Professor Nakata divided his discussion into the categories of “strategic technological partnership” and “investment strategy.”

Participants were eager to discuss this timely theme, and asked many questions of Director Nakata. Following the lecture, the participants enjoyed a banquet, where they were able to mingle and expand their networks.
This management course is based on the classes "strategic technology partnership" and "investment strategy", both included in the Management of Technology course curriculum at APU. Through this curriculum, APU students are able to learn about timely topics, such as that presented in this lecture.


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