May 13, 2009

Mr. Fujimoto Katsuji(Nippon Sheet Glass Company Chairperson) at a RCAPS Seminar:

On May 11th, (Monday) a RCAPS Seminar was held welcoming Fujimoto Katsuji, Chairman of the Board from Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd (herein after referred to as NSG). The seminar was titled "NSG Group- Our Challenge to be a global NO.1 glass maker".

The main topics for the lecture were, "NSG Group made a dramatic transformation to a global company through M&A", "Our style to manage a global company", "A message to young talents / My management philosophy as being a manufacturer" and the acquisition of Pilkington was used as a concrete example to discuss how NSG became a global company thru M&A.
The lecture began with Chairman Fujimoto stating,
"As the population declines in Japan, it cannot be expected that businesses will surge in the future. In the meantime, if we look abroad, increasing populations and the development of economies are noteworthy. At this moment there is no future for our company if we do not become global".
He discussed how NSG, sixth in global shares, acquired Pilikington, third, an exceptional example of how small consumed large through M&A and explained the history of how NSG became a leading global company in the international market, and came to target the world with striking sales and profit.
Through such M&A NSG has achieved "Business size dramatically enlarged", "A truly global player", " Well balanced market exposure to offset cyclical economy", "Economy of scale", "A technology leader", "Synergy", and "Business know-how to run a global company with diversity of people". They worked to make English their business language within the company, sharing values and principles, aspiration, and aim for a global company by appointing the right people for the most suitable positions and by providing training. Also, they divide completely management and administration and install a committee to enhance transparency in governance, a practice done worldwide.
At the end of the seminar there was time for discussion and questions such as, "How was the problem of human resources management due to the merge overcome?", "In small consuming large, how did NSG convince the other company?" were asked and Chairman Fujimoto addressed the young audience with enthusiasm.


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