Jan 17, 2014

Current Research Seminar: Prof. Yoshimatsu (APS)

On the 10th of January, Professor YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka delivered a presentation entitled, “Power Politics, Governance, and Institution-Building in East Asia: An Environmental Case”.

The content presented is part of an on-going book project of this. The depth and content of the presentation drew an audience of both graduate students and faculty members. Currently teaching in the College of Asia Pacific Studies, Prof. Yoshimatsu has authored several books and numerous journal papers. His current two research themes are “regional cooperation in East Asia” and “Japan’s external economic policy”.  

Prof. Yoshimatsu started the presentation by introducing the “Independent and Dependent Variables” employed in his analytical frameworks.  Two stages have been divided into the five policy fields, including Trade, Finance, Food Security, Energy Security and Air Pollution. The objective of this research is to trace the development of the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) from policy talk to adoption, analyzing political interactions among member countries, and exploring the likely contributions to the regional governance through integration of scientists’ knowledge and expertise. He further elaborated on the backgrounds, structures, developments and analytical processes of EANET. 

The discussions during the Q&A session were both interesting and inspiring, due to the knowledge of the audience. A range of topics was touched upon among various disciplines such as environmental science, international relations and regional governance. 

Written by (Edison) Xiaolong ZOU, PhD Student of GASD. 


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