Oct 26, 2016

Seminar Report " Open Innovation: A Perspective from Silicon Valley."

On October 17, 2016, AZCA, Inc. Managing Director Masazumi Ishii shared his experience of working in Silicon Valley in an English language RCAPS Seminar entitled "Open Innovation: A Perspective from Silicon Valley."

[Report from Professor NAKATA Yukihiko (APM)]

The seminar was very popular. 44 people applied to attend. Four professors also participated.

Silicon Valley has been developing as a center of innovation for over 60 years. Some of the factors that have enabled this development are availability of human resources from a variety of backgrounds, advanced education, and a rich array of funding resources.

As the figure on the right shows, this history is linked with the development of HP, the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, Intel, and Apple; with the rise of the internet; and, in recent years, with Green Tech and healthcare.

Because of this, as can be seen in the figure on the right, HP, Intel, Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla and others have located their headquarters in Silicon Valley. Venture capital investment is also thriving in the area.

Silicon Valley's fundamental features are openness and tolerance for failure. Other countries have been unable to establish these fundamental features, making it difficult to transfer Silicon Valley to other countries.

In Silicon Valley, innovation has been born through the practice of open innovation combining internal and external technology, the approach Professor Chesbrough advocated. Japan is facing many challenges and is in need of change.

After the seminar, approximately ten students stayed behind and spoke with Managing Director Ishii for an additional 40 minutes. In the questionnaire, 92% of the attendees answered they were at least "satisfied," with seven attendees answering "very satisfied," 16 attendees answering "satisfied," two attendees answering "slightly unsatisfied," and no attendees answering "unsatisfied." In other words, the seminar was very well received.

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