Dec 26, 2017

Report: 2017 AP Conference Pre-Event Workshop

A special workshop by Associate Professor JONES Thomas Edward was held on November 10 (Fri) as a pre-event of the AP Conference 2017.

The workshop consisted of two parts. Part I comprised a transnational comparison of Governance, Conservation & Tourism trends. Part II introduced Case Studies from East Asia’s national parks.

[Report by Associate Professor JONES Thomas Edward (APS)]

Mountainous Protected Areas of East Asia: Governance, Conservation & Tourism
Pre-event workshop organized in conjunction with 2017 Asia Pacific Conference

Friday 10th November. Outline of Workshop
===== Part I 15:00-17:20 =====
1500-1520 Self-intros & ice breaking
1520-1620 Book project overview + T.o.C + chapters
1620-1650 Dr. KOBAYASHI "Japan's National Parks" (PPT+Q&A)
1650-1720 Dr. LI "Taiwan's National Parks" (PPT + Q&A)
1720-1750 Teatime
===== Part II 17:50-19:30 =====
1750-1800 Self-intros & brief explanation for new-comers
1800-1820 Dr. MACHIDA "Aso Kujuu National Park" (PPT+Q&A)
1820-1840 Dr. CHEN " China’s National Parks" (PPT + Q&A)
1840-1900 Dr. BUI "Vietnam’s National Parks" (PPT + Q&A)
1900-1920 Dr. JONES "Malaysia’s National Parks" (PPT + Q&A)

The workshop brought together a panel with expertise across both applied and academic fields. First, the members discussed their current book project, working through an Overview; Table of contents; and brainstorming possible criteria for comparative research. This was followed by a keynote by Dr. Akihiro KOBAYASHI (Senshu University) on “Japan’s National Parks” followed by a reciprocal keynote by Dr. Chieh-Lu LI (National Dong Hwa University) on “Taiwan’s National Parks.”

After the break, case studies were introduced from nearby Aso Kujii and the National Parks of China; Vietnam and Malaysia to provide insights into the current management practises, opportunities and dilemmas surrounding protected area governance, conservation and tourism. First, Dr. Reiko MACHIDA (Tokyo University of Agriculture) talked about “The local historical experience of disaster management in Aso National Park.”. Next, Dr. Bixia CHEN (University of the Ryukyus) introduced the new system of “China’s National Parks.” This was followed by 2 speakers from Ritsumeikan APU: first Dr. BUI presented on behalf of her co-author Dr. Phạm Hồng Long (Vietnam National University) entitled "Assessment of Ecotourism Development in National Parks and Protected Areas (Vietnam)." Lastly, there was an overview of "Malaysia’s National Parks" presented by Dr. Thomas JONES (APU) on behalf of co-authors C. BIDDER and R.C.POLUS (both from the Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia).

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