Jun 22, 2018

Seminar Report: “International Comparison and Management Strategies of Global Niche Top Enterprises”

On June 6 (Wed), the “RCAPS Current Research Seminar” was delivered by Professor FUJIMOTO Takeshi of APU APM.

This seminar took place as part of the “Spring 2018 RCAPS Current Research Seminar Series” where 5 APU faculty members who had been on Academic Develop Leave (ADL) in AY 2017 for the purpose of furthering research in or out of Japan and have since returned to present their research findings.

Professor Fujimoto conducted his research mainly in North America during his ADL in spring 2017.

[Report by Professor FUJIMOTO Takeshi (APM)]

RCAPS Current Research Seminar on Global Niche Top Enterprises

Global Niche Top (GNT) Enterprises are globally-active small to midium-sized companies that are challenging to get into a niche market overseas and control the world’s top market share in their fields. GNT Enterprises exist not only in Japan but in Europe and America, and the ones in Europe in particular are called “Hidden Champions (HC),” coined and researched by Hermann Simon.

What GNT and HC enterprises have in common is that both locate their headquarters in small provincial towns. While many companies tend to rely on and concentrate in cities where the economy is strong, relatively small but innovative companies located in small cities in Montana are gaining attention in recent years.

The seminar was chaired by Professor SATO Yoichiro, Dean of International Cooperation and Research Division and a member of RCAPS Steering Committee. Presentations were given by Professor Fujimoto and Dr. Motoyama of the University of Kansas, who conducts research on entrepreneur system in small cities. The seminar participants discussed how to nurture companies in local regions that could function as headquarters and expand into global markets in relation to GNT management development model as well as regional revitalization.

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