Jul 30, 2018

Seminar Report: “Justice as a Moral Virtue”

On July 4 (Wed), the “RCAPS Current Research Seminar” was delivered by Professor Ghotbi Nader of APU APS.

This seminar took place as part of the “Spring 2018 RCAPS Current Research Seminar Series” where 5 APU faculty members who had been on Academic Develop Leave (ADL) in AY 2017 for the purpose of furthering research in or out of Japan and have since returned to present their research findings.

Professor Ghotbi Nader conducted his research mainly in Japan during his ADL in 2017.

[Report by Professor Ghotbi Nader (APS)]

The conclusion of the presentation was that

  • Justice can be the philosophical foundation of ethical behavior, & a more paramount virtue, beyond & inclusive of autonomy, beneficence & non-maleficence.
  • The very fact that we live in a world which is not just, makes our pursuit of justice the most humane virtue possible.
  • And if we lived in a just world, moral virtues did not mean anything; they would be redundant.
  • Human societies have been successful in protecting the autonomy of individuals, the benefits of technology & reducing the harms of diseases & disasters, but the achievement of justice has always been far from reality.
  • The reason is quite simple: True Justice is a hard virtue to acquire;
  • To bring justice to the world, emphasis is needed on the virtue of justice as a paramount ethical virtue in people.

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