Aug 2, 2018

Seminar Report: “Traditional Music, Theater, and Folklore Literature in West Bengal.”

On Tuesday, July 3, the “RCAPS Onigiri Seminar” entitled “Traditional Music, Theater, and Folklore Literature in West Bengal.” was delivered by Associate Professor KITADA Makoto of Osaka University.

Please see the APU Official Website for more details of this seminar.

[Report by Professor TAKASHIBA Yukiko (APM) as the Seminar Organizer ]

Prof. KITADA is a polyglot researcher actively engaged in the studies of South Asian languages and cultures and has been conducting many field work trips. Through his own annotations of a broad array of video footages of performing-arts, which were recorded from his own visits in West Bengal, we were able to appreciate the long tradition of folklore music and theatre in the region.

While studies offered at APU are mainly focused on social sciences, the seminar gave participants a rare opportunity to appreciate the linkage between humanities and social sciences through a perspective of area studies.

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