Aug 3, 2018

Seminar Report: “The Impact of Language Barriers on ESL Customers’Dining Experiences”

On July 11 (Wed), the “RCAPS Current Research Seminar” was delivered by Professor LEE Geunhee of APU APM.

This seminar took place as part of the “Spring 2018 RCAPS Current Research Seminar Series” where 5 APU faculty members who had been on Academic Develop Leave (ADL) in AY 2017 for the purpose of furthering research in or out of Japan and have since returned to present their research findings.

Professor LEE Geunhee conducted his research mainly in USA during his ADL in fall 2017.

[Report by Professor LEE Geunhee (APM)]

The issue of language barriers between customers and employees is critical during intercultural service encounters. English as a Second Language (ESL) customers, in particular, may struggle to communicate what they want or even to get necessary information about products or services when they are traveling in a country such as the United States where English is the major language.

To identify the most common concerns of ESL customers in intercultural service encounters and to reveal their emotional and behavioral responses, as well as their tendency to evaluate the service and their propensity to adapt to the environment, Dr. Lee conducted a qualitative study based on a grounded theory approach during his Academic Develop Leave (ADL) period.

On July 11th, 2018, Dr. Lee delivered an RCAPS Current Research Seminar on the topic titled “The Impact of Language Barriers on ESL Customers’ Dining Experiences.” The purpose of the seminar was to inspire APU undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members by reporting the result of a study that the speaker worked on for his ADL period. The seminar was chaired by Professor ZHANG Wei-Bin, one of the faculty members of College of International Management (APM). Many students representing Japanese & International, undergraduate & graduate, and APS, APM, MBA, GSA joined the seminar to exchange their opinion on the topic presented. Dr. CHEN Shu-Ching, a professor teaching marketing in APM, also kindly attended the seminar to share her knowledge about the theme.

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