Aug 21, 2019

Seminar Report “Emotional AI when machines feel”

On July 16 and July 19, RCAPS welcomed four Professors to deliver a RCAPS Seminar entitled “Emotional AI when machines feel.” Followings are the Professors’ names and titles.

Prof. MCSTAY Andy (Bangor University) “What is Emotional AI?”
Prof. BAKIR Vian (Bangor University) “Digital Disinformation & Emotional AI”
Prof. URQUHART Lachlan (Edinburgh University) “Regulating Smart Cities: AI & Urban Life”
Prof. MIRANDA Diana (Keele University) “Technology & Surveillance”

[Report by Associate Professor Mantello Peter as a Seminar organizer]

Prof. BAKIR Vian (Bangor University)

Prof. MCSTAY Andy (Bangor University)

Prof. MIRANDA Diana (Keele University)

Prof. URQUHART Lachlan (Edinburgh University)

Emotional AI seeks to generate conversation among UK and Japanese academics, industry, NGOs and regulators with two specific goals in mind. First, to understand the constitution, and commercial, civic and security implications, of a world where emotional AI increasingly plays a central role. While the academic part of the project will use insights to form a subsequent grant application, the overall objective is broader. Second, to identify the benefits and harms of these technologies and, central to this project, what are the cross-cultural considerations? Are ethical and privacy considerations the same in the UK and Japan, or do they emerge out of a situated social context? If so, what are the similarities and differences?

The seminar was well received on both days. The room was full to capacity because of extensive efforts at promotion and the riveting topic that excited the APU masses.

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