Dec 13, 2019

Monday, January 20, 2020 RCAPS Current Research Seminar: Call for Audience Members!

On January 20, the Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies (RCAPS) of the APU Research Office will host a “RCAPS Current Research Seminar” organized by APU-APM Professor KIM, Sangho. At the seminar, Associate Professor KIM, Hyunho from Chonnam National University will give a special talk entitled “Dynamic Duality and Factor Demand Function for Manufacturing Firms.”

Date & Time: January 20 (Mon), 2020 16:05-17:40
Venue: RCAPS Room A (2F B-bldg.)
Title: Dynamic Duality and Factor Demand Function for Manufacturing Firms
Speaker: Associate Professor KIM, Hyunho (Chonnam National University)
Language: English
Chair: Prof. KIM, Sangho

This event is free and open to all. We very much look forward to your participation.

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