Jan 20, 2020

Seminar Report “Reconstruction of the alliance between the US and Japan during economic growth in post-conflict”

On January 15, RCAPS welcomed Dr. AZIMI Nassrine to deliver a RCAPS Seminar entitled “Reconstruction of the alliance between the US and Japan during economic growth in post-conflict.”

Dr. AZIMI Nassrine
(United Nations Institute for Training and Research)

Please check Dr. Azimi’s lecture data by clicking the PDF below.

[Report by Professor FUJII as a Seminar organizer]

In the cross-sectional research team of APS and APM, we build up a peace marketing research group and are discussing application for external research fund like Grant-in Aid Kakenhi. For this academic year, we set the definition of peace within the group as "protecting natural objects from destruction and ensuring security through daily or extraordinary human actions." In addition, there are three stages of peace, including the suspension stage of destruction, the maintenance stage of suspension, and reconstruction stage. Then we decide to focus on the stages of reconstruction. The factor needed for revival is that it is possible to eliminate the cause of the destruction itself in the first place, that is, it is possible to avoid the way to destruction.

Dr. Azimi, who was invited to the seminar this time, has taken another research on peace from a different view from the existing articles, and published "The United States and Cultural Heritage Protection in Japan 1945-1952" (English) on July 18, 2019 as the research outcome. When occupied by the Allied Military (1945-1952), basic concept to protect the cultural heritage helped to build a mutual reliable relationship after post-conflict. Such new findings were provided. Participants from six countries including Japan questioned and discussed about that findings.

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