Nov 12, 2020

RCAPS Current Research Seminar Report “Okinawa’s struggle with the Central Government over U.S. military bases”

On Oct 14, RCAPS welcomed Professor KASEDA Yoshinori from APU to deliver a RCAPS Current Research Seminar entitled “Okinawa’s struggle with the Central Government over U.S. military bases”

Professor KASEDA Yoshinori

Assistant Professor GOMEZ Oscar A

[Report by Professor KASEDA Yoshinori (APS) as the seminar organizer]

Due to the risk of COVID-19 infection, this seminar was held online using Zoom. The organizer and the presenter were the same person since this seminar was organized to fulfill the requirement of the Academic Development Leave (ADL). The organizer/presenter was on ADL in the first semester of academic year 2019. Owing to multiple reasons including the unexpected spread of the novel corona virus, the seminar was rescheduled and finally held during this Fall semester.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, which was organized in such a way that the seminar chair, Assisitant Professor Gomez, collected questions from the audience in the form of chat messages and selected some of them to be answered by the presenter. The seminar could have been livelier if it had been held in the form of Zoom meeting, instead of Zoom webinar, that enables the presenter to interact directly with the audience in the middle of presentation and during the Q&A session.

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