Mar 12, 2021

RCAPS Report “Peaks and Parks: Mountain Tourism in Asia’s Protected Areas (Southeast Asia in Focus)”

On February 19, RCAPS welcomed Associate Professor BUI Thanh Huong from APU to deliver a RCAPS Seminar entitled “Peaks and Parks: Mountain Tourism in Asia’s Protected Areas (Southeast Asia in Focus).”

BUI Thanh Huong 准教授 Associate Professor BUI Thanh Huong

[Report by Associate Professor BUI Thanh Huong as the seminar organizer]

The webinar was advertised in various media channels on social media, campus terminal and Manaba to target at relevant groups of interest.
The seminar attracted more than 100 participants from various institutions inside and outside Japan, including researchers, students and practitioners who are interested in the issues of sustainable development, conservation and tourism across different countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, in addition to various audience from Japan.
Four speakers delivered presentations and a synthesis section at the end of the seminar. The webinar ended with a Q and A section that collected more than 20 questions. Questions were answered live or by private answer by relevant speakers.
The webinar was successfully initiated a network of institutions in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia which offer courses on ecotourism to set up future collaboration in training and research.
The webinar has achieved its objectives to promote the up-coming book and to report on progress of current research conducted by APU faculty.

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