Oct 27, 2022

RCAPS Seminar “The War in Ukraine and the Implications for the Indo-Pacific”

On October 21st, RCAPS extended a warm welcome to Dr. Sergiy Korsunsky, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan, and Mr. Brad Glosserman, a senior researcher at Tama University to a RCAPS seminar.

[Report by Professor SATO Yoichiro(APS)]
The seminar started with the ambassador’s lecture of about 20 minutes. He described the situations of destructions and human rights violations by the invading Russian troops and the international assistance Ukraine has received from the international community. Following the ambassador’s lecture, the discussant, Mr. Brad Glosserman, spoke for about 15 minutes on the broader implications of the war and the responses of the US and other major powers (including India, Japan, and European countries), with specific references to the Indo-Pacific region.
Then the moderator, Professor Sato, synthesized the two lectures and raised questions for both the ambassador and Mr. Glosserman to respond to, in order to warm the audience for raising insightful questions. One question was addressed to Prof. Hirano, who spoke on possible international legal venues, which might be immune to Russian veto. Ambassador raised a very interesting point about illegality of Russian succession of the Soviet Union seat in the UN.
The Q&A sessions followed with active questions from the audience. The Ambassador kindly stayed overtime to individually answer more questions and later conveyed his appreciation of the event and with the quality of the discussion he had with all participants.
The seminar attracted 90 participants—the highest number of all RCAPS seminars in 2022 so far.

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