Jun 29, 2023

RCAPS Seminar “Security Architecture in the Indo-Pacific and the “Minilateral Turn” ”

On June 29th, RCAPS held a Seminar welcoming Dr. Thomas Wilkins from The Unversity of Sydney.

[Report by Assistant Professor KIM Jiye(APS)]
The seminar attracted faculty members, undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students from APU. It allowed participants to discuss the timely and critical issues in the policy discourses in the Indo-Pacific. Following the talk of Professor Wilkins on the 3-Layer Model of security architecture in the Indo-Pacific, Professor Yoshimatsu discussed the strategic and policy implications to Japan in relation to the US-led minilateral platforms. In the Q&A session, students raised questions about regional actors' strategies, including hedging, and the trends in inter-state cooperation. After the seminar, faculty members and students had conversations with the speaker to seek ways to continue the discussion and further engagement.

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