Nov 29, 2023

RCAPS Seminar “Life cycle inventory analysis and cost benefit analysis for assessing the multifaceted functions of green infrastructure”

The RCAPS seminar invited Professor Hideshima from the Graduate School of Nagoya Institute of Technology on the 29th November. Around 21 graduate and undergraduate students, as well as members of staff attended the seminar and shared interesting discussions.

Report by Professor Hiromi Yamashita (APS)

The objectives of this RCAPS seminar was to learn from the most recent development of “life cycle inventory and cost benefit analysis”, and the use of this especially to understand the benefits of “green infrastructure”. The concept of green infrastructure is essential in utilizing nature for building social infrastructures, like preventing flooding through mangrove planting, while simultaneously reaping ecological benefits. Green infrastructure has been one of the important topics in the various academic fields, including the field of environment, development, economy, engineering, and sociology in recent years.
Professor Hideshima has been conducting pieces of research in this area for a recent decade, and he provided the results from the latest work on creating rice paddies for absorption of global warming gas. He shared the detailed calculation methods to evaluate the effectiveness of its intervention.

In the seminar, we found that what Professor Hideshima is doing is related to one of the research projects of a member of APU staff, and there are many students, including undergraduate students, who are interested in green infrastructure. The discussion was also expanded to how best we could create evaluation criteria for green infrastructure projects. The lack of clear evaluation elements and methods were identified, and discussed about a possible research project idea. We would like to thank Professor Hideshima to travel to Beppu to give us a stimulating talk.

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