Oct 29, 2008

RCAPS Symposium: Aiming for Success - the 2010 South African World Cup:

On Thursday October 23, 2008, the Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies (RCAPS) and South African Tourism hosted symposium "Fulfilling the 2010 South African World Cup Promise: Learning from the 2002 Korea Japan Experience" was held at APU.

The symposium looked at the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup with regards to the initiatives and challenges experienced by Oita Prefecture and as a result, the effects they had. Furthermore, intellectuals from various fields exchanged their opinions regarding working towards the 2010 South African World Cup, holding international sports events and their effect on tourism.

During the lecture the chairman of the 2002 Japanese World Cup Organizing Committee and ex-Governor of Oita Prefecture HIRAMATSU Morihiko spoke about the background and initiatives leading up to the holding of the World Cup, and the effects and contributions it made to society. Chief Marketing officer, South African Tourism (Global) Ms. Roshene SINGH spoke of her efforts to make a success of the 2010 South African World Cup "Through the World Cup we have been provided with a chance to promote South Africa to the world. Our goal is to develop our country, create sustainable jobs and to spread the economic and social benefits of the event to the community".


This symposium was originally proposed by APU Graduate School student Bheki Hlabane (GSAD). Mr. Hlabane, after working at a South African radio station, decided to enter APU Graduate School after South Africa was awarded the rights to host the 2010 World Cup. He is currently researching the sociology behind mega sports events under the research theme of "The 2010 South African World Cup and its effects on international society"

The results of the symposium will be passed on widely throughout the South African government and municipalities, and APU students. It is hoped that this symposium will play a part in the success of the South Africa World Cup.

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