Sep 14, 2009

RCAPS Seminar : Assistant Prof. Sebastian Kaempf Coming Soon

RCAPS Seminar will be held on October 2nd (Friday)

AY 2009 RCAPS Seminar

By the 21st Century, the emergence of new media technology has fundamentally started to transform not only the means through which contemporary war is being waged but also war’s visual representation. Contemporary war has a new frontline, one where war is no longer fought physically but virtually and where the actors involved on both sides have replaced bombs and bullets with weapons in the form of bites and bandwidths.

The paper investigates these changes and their ethical implications for the "War on Terror". Particular emphasis is placed on the growing use of digital images and internet videos as strategic weapons in the context of the post-9/11 conflicts between the US military and its adversaries in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Interested applicants can register on the URL below.

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