Sep 7, 2009

AP-IMAC Director, Professor NAKATA delivers lecture on industrial/regional development by Solar Cells:

On Friday, September 4, 2009, Director of the APU Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC), Professor NAKATA Yukihiko delivered a special lecture at the AY 2009 Oita LSI Cluster Promotion Meeting & Forum.

In his lecture delivered under the theme of "The Solar Battery Industry Breakthrough and Market Entry: Industrial/Regional Promotion from Solar Island Kyushu" Professor NAKATA said that "solar cells are gaining increased attention as a countermeasure to environmental problems and the market is experiencing rapid growth." He described things to be aware of when entering the market, Kyushu and Oita Prefecture support measures and the expectations for industrial and regional development through solar cells, which share many similarities with semiconductors.

Approximately 150 representatives from businesses involved with semiconductors in Oita Prefecture came along to hear the lecture which provided insightful hints for those looking to enter the solar cell manufacturing market.

Sponsored by Oita Prefecture, the Oita LSI Cluster Promotion Meeting & Forum and the Oita Prefecture Foundation for Industry Creation, industry, academia and the local administration are working together to further develop high-tech manufacturing technology. Oita Prefecture has been promoting the formation of the "Oita LSI Cluster" as a way to develop and revitalize both the region and local industries through collaboration and competition in the semiconductor industry.

APU established the AP-IMAC in December last year aiming to become a "center for education and research in the Asia Pacific Region" in the field of innovation management (IM) and is endeavoring to make its contribution to the region through IM.

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