Oct 19, 2009

RCAPS Seminar: Prof. Kaye Chon(Founding Chairman, Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism) Coming Soon

RCAPS Seminar will be held on October 26th (Tuesday)

AY 2009 RCAPS Seminar

Modern day tourism did not start in Asia until 1960s. Even in better developed tourism destinations in Asia, it was not until the late 1960s and 1970s when tourism industry started developing. Asia's leadership in tourism and hospitality industry was severely limited in earlier days of tourism industry development. However, Asia's tourism and hospitality industry in the past twenty years has gone through a major breakthrough both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Asia in the past 20 years has recorded a remarkable growth in both tourist arrivals and departures. Asia's tourism and hospitality industry at the same time has contributed significantly to world's tourism industry as evidenced by the fact that some of the best hotels, airlines and airports can be found in Asian countries nowadays. This presentation will first review the unique contributions that Asia's tourism and hospitality industry has made to the world. Second, the presentation will focus on the need of further developing Asia's leadership in hospitality and tourism. The presentation will finish with specific suggestions for young people who aspire to take up leadership positions in Asia's tourism and hospitality industry for their professional development.

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