Oct 6, 2009

Assistant Prof. Sebastian Kaempf gives a lecture at a RCAPS Seminar :

On October 2nd (Friday), a RCAPS sponsored seminar was held at APU.
The seminar welcomed Assistant Prof. Sebastian Kaempf (Assistant Professor School of Political Science and International Studies, The University of Queensland) His lecture was titled, "War 2.0: Political Violence & New Media -Waging War in the New Media Age: Images as Strategic Weapons and the Ethics of Contemporary Warfare-".

On October 2, RCAPS invited Professor Sebastian Kaempf from The University of Queensland to give a seminar titled: "War 2.0: Political Violence & New Media Waging War in the New Media Age: Images as Strategic Weapons and the Ethics of Contemporary Warfare". Around 50 students and professors came to the seminar.

In his seminar, Professor Kaempf discussed how new media technology has transformed warfare and how it has changed not only how wars are fought, but how wars are represented to the public. Professor Kaempf discussed how wars today are "media wars" which are being fought in news rooms, YouTube, chat rooms and blogs on the internet. Prior to the new media age, in the post modern war, Professor Kaempf said that images of war in the United States were carefully selected to depict war as precise, clean, and electronic. This seminar looked at the "War on Terror" to show how through the internet, US adversaries have been able to represent their side of war through which the "sanitized images of US warfare have been fundamentally challenged", said Professor Kaempf. Though the effects of new media technology are not only negative and there are many positive aspects of people connecting in a virtual space through the internet (through twitter, blogs, YouTube etc.), Professor Kaempf also discussed the importance of deciphering the validity of all the different information we are able to access.

After the seminar there was ample time for discussion in which students actively participated by asking questions, expressing their own opinions and talking of their own experiences.

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