Oct 29, 2009

Dr. Paul S. Hempel(Associate Professor, Dept. of Management, City University of Hong Kong ) gives a lecture at a RCAPS Seminar:

On tuesday October 27, a RCAPS sponsored seminar was held at APU.

The seminar welcomed Dr. Paul S. Hempel (Associate Professor, Dept. of Management, City University of Hong Kong). His lecture was titled, "Does "Global Management" Exist? : Evidence and Experiences from China".

On Tuesday October 27, Dr. Paul S. Hempel, an Associate Professor of Management at the City University of Hong Kong gave a RCAPS seminar entitled: "Does 'Global Management' Exist? - Evidence and Experiences from China".
Dr. Hempel discussed the idea of "global management" his research concerning Asia enterprises, focusing on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He compared these with Western management styles from both the US and Europe.
The seminar began with the question "Does it make sense to talk about global management?" and how choices of management practice depends upon both "what" is managed as well as upon "who" is being managed. Dr Hempel explained how in his view, "Businesses do the same things, but they do those 'same things' differently". He provided 3 key examples: "Managing Employee Performance", "Managing Technology", "Managing Change" in which businesses manage processes similarly, but at the same time differently. He outlined how these differences were the result of the different ways people are socialized in different cultures and societies. As an example, how, as China modernizes, foreign management practices are being adopted there. Dr. Hempel gave many personal examples and anecdotes in the seminar of what he has found and learned in his research and 15 years in Asia. For example, he spoke about the work habits comparing the Hong Kong Police Force who have both Western force members who are logical and rational in their approaches in contrast with those of local Hong Kong Chinese officers who adopt more of a personal approach in their management practices.
Toward the end of the seminar participating students asked questions and discussed their own diverse experiences with Dr. Hempel from various Asian perspectives.

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