Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Student Life

Club Activities and Regional Exchange

An overview of the many uniquely APU multicultural student clubs, circles, and community exchange events you can get involved in and enjoy.

AP House (On-Campus Housing)

Information about AP House, our on-campus student dormitory where students of all different nationalities and backgrounds live together and, in the process, can develop a greater international outlook.

The Honors Program for Global Citizenship(HPGC)

Information about the Honors Program for Global Citizenship.

Fees and Scholarships

An overview of admission and tuition fees, as well and information about the many scholarship opportunities available at APU.

Life in Beppu City

An overview of Beppu City – APU’s hometown and one of Japan’s prominent cities for international tourism and culture.


APU offers a comprehensive range of support services to ensure our students’ health and wellbeing, and to help students get the very best out of their academic and extracurricular student lives.

Campus Tour and Facilities

Information about the APU campus and facilities.

Campus Calendar

An overview of the APU school year

Disaster Preparedness

APU has put together an Emergency Disaster Response Handbook to help students know how to respond in the event of a disaster.