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Program philosophy

What is the “Honors Program for Global Citizenship?”

The President with the HPGC first-batch students
Program philosophy
The Honors Program for Global Citizenship (“HPGC” below) is a program for cultivating students who will serve as models of human resource development at APU. The program commenced in the Fall Semester of AY2016.
APU’s expectations are that students in the HPGC will take full advantage of the university’s multicultural environment and grow into ideal students such as those outlined below through the program.
Ideal Students that APU Seeks to Realize through HPGC
  1. Students who have an understanding of APU’s core ideals of “Freedom, Peace and Humanity,” “International Mutual Understanding” and “Future Shape of the Asia Pacific Region;” possess a strong will to grow into “graduates with the skills to contribute to the future shape of the Asia Pacific Region;” and are unceasing in their efforts.
  2. Students who are capable of working together with various fellow students and faculty and staff members within APU’s multicultural environment.
  3. Students who possess a strong set of ethics as role models for other APU students as well as a personal policy of doing good for other students, APU and their community rather than solely pursuing personal gain.

While the HPGC affords students in the program a variety of tools in the form of specially-planned activities, opportunities and networks, what the program asks of those students is not that they passively engage in it, but that they maintain an “autonomous spirit” through which they learn, plan and manage their endeavors of their own accord. APU also hopes that through the HPGC, students will gain an “altruistic spirit” through which they give their takeaways from this special program back to others (such as other students, APU and the community).