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Endowed Lectures

The following is a list of endowed lectures that were held in cooperation with local municipalities and companies and paid for with donations from these partners.

Year Municipality or company Course Faculty Overview
2018 Fall Semester Oita Godo News Company Special Lecture in Tourism and Hospitality College of Asia Pacific Studies Associate Professor Takayuki Kubo This lecture was held in cooperation with Oita Godo Shimbun, with whom APU concluded a cooperative agreement of cooperation in January 2017. Donations were used to cover subject coordinator expenses and bus rental fees.
Thirty-five students registered for this subject, which was offered as “Special Lecture (Hospitality and Tourism),” a regular subject of the College of Asia Pacific Studies. Through both in-class lectures and fieldwork, students learned about the history, natural resources, and culture of Oita, including Usa Jingu Shrine and Rokugo Manzan; the Onogawa River system and stone Buddha culture; and Otomo Sorin and the spread of Christianity. The lecture concluded with a final presentation held in the local community.