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Friendship Agreements

Friendship Agreements with local communities

One of APU's important missions is to contribute to the internationalization and revitalization of local communities. Since the University was first established, APU has entered into friendship exchange agreements with cities and towns throughout Oita Prefecture and with a municipality in Nagano Prefecture. Through these agreements, APU has initiated a range of exchange projects. To date, agreements have been concluded with the following municipalities:

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Mar. 2001 Mie Town (currently Bungo Ono City ) Jan. 2009 Yufu City
Jul. 2003 Tsurumi Town (currently Saiki City ) Apr. 2009 Kitsuki City
Oct. 2003 Usuki City Dec. 2009 Usa City
Mar. 2004 Beppu City Jan. 2010 Oita City
Apr. 2004 Kamae Town (currently Saiki City ) Mar. 2010 Taketa City
Nov. 2004 Oita Prefecture May 2010 Bungo Takada City
Jul. 2005 Iida City, Nagano Prefecture Jan. 2012 Himeshima-Village
Jan. 2006 Nakatsu City Feb. 2012 Tsukumi City
Jul. 2006 Saiki City Feb. 2012 Kusu Town
Feb. 2007 Hiji Town Aug. 2014 Kokonoe Town
Jun. 2008 Kunisaki City Apr. 2016 Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
Jul. 2008 Hita City Feb. 2017 Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture