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Policies and Resources Regarding Sexual and Gender Diversity

Policy Statement on Sexual and Gender Diversity

APU respects sexual and gender diversity as part of its commitment to human rights. APU aims to create an environment in which people of any sexual orientation and gender identity are able to study and live with the security of knowing that their human rights are fully protected, that they will be treated fairly, and that they need not suffer any discomfort or pain as a consequence of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Information and Resources for LGBT+ Students at APU *

* The term LGBT+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and people of all other sexual orientations and gender identities.

Gender Specifications on Official University Certificates

There are no gender specifications on any of the official certificates (Transcript of Academic Record, Certificate of Registration, etc.) issued by APU.

Health Checkups and Facility Use during Overnight Programs

In accordance with the School Health and Safety Act, students at APU are required to have a health checkup once a year. During the checkup, students will be led to changing rooms which are divided into male and female. In addition, there are some overnight programs hosted by APU in which students use shared rooms and baths which are divided into male and female. If you would like to make a specific request regarding the use of these facilities, please consult with the LGBT+ Liaison Officer(s) listed below or with a staff member who is in charge of the program or service in each office.

Life in AP House

The rooms in AP House are on three types of floors: male, female, and mixed gender floors (floors for students of any gender). If you are concerned about the floor you will be/were assigned to live on or about your life in AP House, please consult with the LGBT+ Liaison Officer(s) listed below or a staff member in AP House. Prospective students can have consultations as well. It is strongly recommended to make inquiries as early as possible due to the limited number of rooms available at AP House.

Use of Restrooms

APU has unisex toilets which are single-stall toilets that can be used by anyone regardless of their gender. Currently, the signs outside of these toilets are the wheelchair accessible signs. However, these can be used by anyone regardless of whether they have any disabilities or not. The signs are scheduled to be changed in the future.

Locations of Unisex Toilets
Building B II, E and F II: One on each floor
Building H: None
Other Buildings: One on the first floor

Changing Rooms and Shower Stalls in the Gymnasium

The changing rooms and shower stalls in the gymnasium are divided into male and female. The shower stalls are located at the back of the changing rooms and can be closed off by a curtain.

Anyone can use the changing board to change inside the unisex toilet in the gymnasium. However, there is no shower installed inside.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding life at APU as an LGBT+ student, please contact the LGBT+ Liaison Officers in the Student Office.
Although the LGBT+ Liaison Officers are not specialists on sexual and gender diversity, they are available to listen to any LGBT+-related concerns or problems you may have and can explain what support the university can provide to you. When necessary, they can work with other offices or related parties to resolve such issues. Additionally, you are free to discuss any concerns you have about university programs, services, or the overall campus and academic environment.

If you wish to meet with an LGBT+ Liaison Officer, please make an appointment by email or phone beforehand. In your email, please include several dates and times that you are available to meet. Prospective students can also meet or correspond by email with an LGBT+ Liaison Officer.

LGBT+ Liaison Officers (in the Student Office)
Sayako INUI (Ms.), Shinobu SUGIMOTO (Ms.), Yoshihiro SHOJI (Mr.)
Tel: 0977-78-1104 Email: apulgbt@apu.ac.jp

Student Club: APU Colors

APU Colors is a student club that supports LGBT+ students. It holds various events such as lectures and exhibitions on gender and sexual diversity, as well as networking events to make the environment at APU more comfortable for LGBT+ students. The club’s members are not only LGBT+ students but also allies (supporters of LGBT+ people).

APU Colors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iroiroapu/

Related Surveys Conducted at APU

These are the results of the “Assessment Survey of the University’s Environment for Sexual Minority (LGBT) Students” that was conducted for students, faculty, and staff members at APU from November to December 2015.