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Student Life

The Members of the HPGC

To find out what it's like to live as HPGC students, we turned to these two experts.

TSVETKOV Radoslav Tsvetanov

College of International Management


College of Asia Pacific Studies

-Could you tell us about HPGC students’ life in the dormitory?

The most striking feature of student life is living together in the HPGC-students-only floor. This distinction is unique only to HPGC students out of all of APU's student organizations.

HPGC students are unique individuals who come from all corners of the world. This diversity provides for an environment which is truly multicultural. Although we have differences in cultural and religious backgrounds, we respect each other and live together in harmony.

―Is there any difference between the HPGC floor and others?

The HPGC floor is by no means an enclosed space where other residents are forbidden from entering. We can go to other floors and invite friends to our own rooms. Within the limits of the “AP House Regulations” we can communicate freely with whoever we choose just like any other residents.

HPGC students don’t always stick together. However, living together in the same floor allows us build closer ties with each other. The communal living experience with friends who are highly motivated to carry out their goals proves to be extremely beneficial and precious.

―Is it possible for HPGC students to take part in clubs and circles?

We sometimes receive inquiries about whether students are able to take part in clubs and circles if they join the HPGC. As a matter of fact, a great number of HPGC students play active roles in circles and student organizations in APU.

-How about time management? The freshmen have to take many courses, therefore it seems hard for HPGC students to be successful at both study and other program-related activities.

We are not being pressed by an excessive range of HPGC tasks to the point where we are unable to join other extracurricular activities. Of course, there are times when we are busy. However, the fact that the comrades who encounter the same situation live together means we can consult with each other anytime and gives us a strong mental support.

―What is your goal from now on?

The HPGC has just begun. Over the long span of four years, we believe we are now at the stage of building a solid foundation for our future growth.

After residential life experience, we will face new challenges. We will adopt a proactive attitude with the understanding that it is the HPGC’s first batch who will help shaping the program.