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The re-birth of an old house: The Initiatives of Long Stay Beppu


Feb 2, 2009

In January 2009, Long Stay Beppu (LSB), which is promoting a new long-term tourism style, finished the renovation work on their old house in Uchinari, Beppu-city which they have been working on since summer 2008 with the help of local residents.

LBS began in 2000 as an autonomous activity of the APS Professor HATADA Nobuyuki Seminar. Following this, it switched to a Circle and has been centering its activities on their "Holiday House Project" which utilizes a renovated empty house as a long-term accommodation facility.

Besides all members getting involved in the renovation work, the entire group is divided into 5 squads, the 'Site Squad' which drafts the renovation plans, the 'Regional Promotion Squad' which runs exchange and management cooperation with the region, the 'Eco-tourism Squad' which plans tours of the Uchinari area utilizing the local nature, the 'Marketing Squad' which focuses on promotion activities, and the 'Research Squad' which carries out investigations of long-term accommodation facilities in the country.

As the renovated old house is over 100 years old, one can see the old carpentry techniques throughout the house which are a clear departure from fabricated houses.

LSB "Marketing Squad" member MAEKAWA Masateru (APM2, Japan) spoke of the renovation coming to an end and of activities to come, "This plan took place over 4 years and the renovation work which we inherited from our seniors who have graduated has come to an end. I was able to stand at the start line as we move towards opening for business. I want to continue our activities with the aim of having our 'Holiday House Project' accepted by everyone as a place to propose a new style of regional promotion and tourism."

The completed accommodation facility will be jointly run through the cooperation of the circle members and an Uchinari management association. They are recruiting lodging monitors for February and March and will then carry out a trial run. A completion ceremony is planned for mid February to be held by residents of Uchinari and preparations for starting full scale operations in April are moving ahead steadily.

*Please click here for more information on the LSB(Japanese only)

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