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KIM Hana Receives Recognition from Oita Prefecture for her Contribution to International Exchange


Feb 2, 2009

On Wednesday, January 28, 2009, KIM Hana (APS3, Korea) was recognized for her contributions to regional activation at the "AY2008 Oita Prefecture Ceremony for Recognition of Foreign Students' Contributions to the Local Community" held at the Oita Prefectural Office.

This ceremony has been held since 2007 as a way to recognize international students who have made a contribution to regional activation and aims to support such activities which will become a bridge towards international exchange in Oita Prefecture. At this ceremony, Ms. KIM and 4 other exchange students were recognized for their highly regarded work at the National Sports Festival in Oita as working volunteers or translators for foreign visiting groups.

At the Recognition Ceremony, Governor of Oita Prefecture HIROSE Katsusada encouraged the recipients as he presented each of them with their certificates of recognition, "Please think of Oita as your 2nd home and become a bridge between us and your home countries. I hope to see more of your activities in the future".

Ms. KIM, who began her activities when she was a first year APU1 student, participated in 2008 in Korean language picture book reading at the Oita Art Plaza as well the translation work for which she received this recognition.

Upon receiving her certificate of recognition, Ms. KIM spoke of her aspirations for the future, "I participated in these activities because I wanted to do something to help my dear Oita Prefecture. It's a great honor to receive this certificate of recognition. I want to continue to be active in my activities. In the future I hope to gain employment in Japanese industry in a job which allows me to become a bridge between Korea and Japan".

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