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Opening Ceremony for APU Lecture I of the Iwata Academy APU/Ritsumeikan Course


May 1, 2009

In May 2007, Ritsumeikan University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and the Iwata Academy in Oita City signed a university-high school liaison agreement resulting in the establishment of the Iwata Academy APU/Ritsumeikan Course. An opening ceremony for APU Lecture I was held in Building H on Wednesday, April 29th 2009.

Students in the Iwata Academy APU/Ritsumeikan Course learn consecutively from junior high school and high school through university with the aim of cultivating internationally-minded talent from Oita. This course began last year for new first-year students, and this year 16 students will study under a curriculum designed jointly by the Ritsumeikan Trust and Iwata Academy.

At the opening ceremony, Vice President YAKUSHIJI Kimio gave an encouraging speech followed by a greeting from course representative TAKEUCHI Yumiko (Iwata High School) who said, "This course only started 2 weeks ago, but the class is very active. I am looking forward to my lectures, and I want to study hard."

Vice President YAKUSHIJI then conferred course student ID cards to each student and wished them well in their studies. The ceremony closed with a greeting from the Iwata Junior/Senior High School Principal ITAKURA Takayoshi, who said, "Remember the saying 'Where there's a will, there's a way' and set your goals for the next 3 years."

After the ceremony, course participants enjoyed a reception in the cafeteria and a campus tour by hand-picked APU Teaching Assistants (TAs). Students experienced APU's multicultural atmosphere and partook in lectures and seminars run by first batch students, surely heightening their expectations for the course.

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